Call of Duty Mobile tool release! Tips&tricks to get COD points & credits

Hi guys,

Finally, the most popular game Call of Duty is ready for mobile version.As a steps in mobile game, game makers give us a wonderful gameplay with new call of duty mobile
To know how to use Call of duty mobile and participate in you must download it from Appstore
Then you have to sign up for an account,update your information with picture to start.

The great gameplay and graphich make it the greatest game mobile ever

About Call of Duty mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is a shooting game that includes Battle Royale.
It is the result of a collaboration between Activision and Tencent’s Timi studio.
Being developed by a unit with much experience in creating cult mobile games, Call of Duty Mobile deserves to be the best competitor of PUBG Mobile.
Activision has announced that the Call of Duty Mobile project will converge the essence of the famous FPS brand on this PC.And after trying the new
call of duty mobile, we found that this must be the best with wonderful graphich and gameplay.
There are many game module : Free-For-All, Frontline, Hardpoint, Domination and Team Deathmatch
For sure that Call of Duty mobile will be the hottest game of the end 2019.

How to get COD Points in Call of Mobile Duty

Tips: You can upgrade with COD points

You have many ways to improve in Call of duty mobile, many of people pay money for buying COD points to upgrade there weapon
Then if we say that you can get COD points Credits for free, what do you think?
Today is good news because we bring this Call of duty mobile free cod points tutorial. So just follow steps below to get it

1.Click on “USE ONLINE HACK ” icon
2.Enter your user/id/email for call of duty mobile acc
3.Select Platform / Device (iOS Android PC)
4.Select the amount of resources –>Start Generator –>Then Complete some small verification to pass. Finally Restart to get your items

Click on USE ONLINE HACK to get your items

With Call of duty Mobile hacking guide. you will be hacking Call of Duty mobile easily and have a more impressive experience.

Just comment your opinion below and we will support you!

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